Monday, March 25, 2013

Local Trumpet Lessons in Tucson, AZ by Kurt Thompson

Kurt Thompson of TRUMPETSIZZLE is now residing in Tucson, AZ and offering trumpet lessons, trombone lessons, tuba lessons, baritone lessons, euphonium lessons, and french horn lessons to middle school, junior high, and high school students in the Tucson, AZ local area.

Listen in on an online trumpet lesson with Kurt:

Sunday, December 25, 2011


 New Lead Trumpet Program!
This program is designed for the non- lead trumpeter thinking of becoming a lead trumpet player AND The Professional Lead Trumpet Player wanting to move up to the final frontier of Lead Trumpet Playing: ROB MCCONNELL, MAYNARD FERGUSON, DUKE ELLINGTON'S HARDEST CHARTS, CAT ANDERSON, BUDDY RICH, BILL CHASE, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS, CHICAGO, MICHAEL JACKSON, AL JARREAU, EARTH WIND AND FIRE, MIAMI SOUND MACHINE!

This is not your Father's Leave It To Beaver WOODCHOPPER'S BALL kinda Lead Trumpet Playing! NOPE!

Please CLICK HERE for an hour tutorial in High Definition and overview of this 3 month long online trumpet program!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Top 20 Trumpet Websites, Best Trumpet Sites, and Trumpet Tips!


The Trumpet is a great instrument whether jazz trumpet or solo trumpet,  but requires a very strong embouchure. What kind of trumpet notes require this type of strong embouchure? High C, Double C, and Triple C all would require a strong embouchure to play these high trumpet notes.  A trumpeter must take trumpet lessons to increase skill level. Trumpeters like Maynard Ferguson playing the trumpet solo, Give It One, and Bill Chase playing the trumpet solo, Get It On, had a very strong trumpet embouchure. Trumpets are made out of brass and make a beautiful sound when used in trumpet songs. James Last Orchestra also featured many fine trumpet players. The above site has trumpet tips, trumpet websites, sites, and trumpet lessons.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Private Online Trumpet Lesson Site offers Financial Aid to deserving adult and child students

music education through private online trumpet lessons is the theme at

jazzgreens found that the site is one of the most thorough private trumpet lesson site offering video trumpet lessons and live trumpet lessons.

Even more remarkable was that financial aid was offered to potential students undergoing financial challenges.

Finally, it appears that the professional trumpet teacher, kurt thompson, not teaches, but is a master of the trumpet's upper register as demonstrated by his numerous videos at